Thursday 9 June 2011

7 things from 7 days

The second installment of this somewhat ad-hoc series!

1. Half term included a trip to a theme park. This is seriously out of character for us... and was a sort of hellish fun. Probably won't be repeated for a long time. We taught Coco to throw her arms in the air on thrill-seeking rides though.*

2. Sleep is still a hot topic in our house; I've been ignoring my blog a bit in the last few weeks in preference of rest, it's become essential to prioritise early nights to ensure sanity...

3. Acquired some new storage from Kempton Market. A much cheaper version of the cupboard I was lusting after at Clifton Nursery! And it means we've been able to unpack some of our 'fine' china (after TWO years; can't quite believe we still have boxes that we haven't looked in for that long).
Of course the cupboard is destined for a little tweaking...

4. First harvest from our veg patch was consumed.

5. Posting a birthday card to my Mum - Happy Birthday Mum! - Coco is getting quite into making cards. In fact, amazingly, Teddy has a birthday nearly everyday.

6. Stripy supper - a new tactic in the food wars.

7. Finally - what I was hoping would be a great photo-op turned out to be a bit of a wash out! We had a street party for the 'Big Lunch'... was great to meet and socialise with neigbours, but damp bunting just doesn't make a pretty photo. Next time.

*My parents NEVER took us to theme parks.
When I was little I wished that they would.
As a teenager I was quietly curious.
As a childless adult I was quite proud of their doggedness at refusing to give in to whining children.
Then I went on my own, and I TOTALLY understood their position.

I really cannot ever imagine my parents at a theme park... my Dad can't stand a queue in Waitrose, or more than 10 people in an art gallery.
I respect them for not taking us, as it truly would have bought the worst out in the whole family. I'm already constructing a false memory of my Mum getting hot and bothered, my Dad loosing his temper, my brother crying at not being able to go on something, my sister... hmmm actually that just stretches the imagination TOO far...

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