Friday 24 June 2011

A simple Thank You and other stories...

We've been fed by friends a lot recently so I've been sending a few of these cards. Still loving my rubber stamps.

This weekend we're returning the favour; and looking at the weather (hot & sunny) I might be forced to invest in a BBQ for the first time in my life, and harvest some of our lovely looking lettuce (call me Felicity Kendall).

Just hope a bit of sun shines on Glastonbury too, although from the pictures I've seen so far it looks like the damage is done. I randomly found my pass from Glastonbury 2005 yesterday, as I tweeted, I really do keep EVERYTHING. For me that year is summed up so well by this great video.

Watched it? Well, as that MEGA rain fell I was cosy in my tent, on high ground, phew... and whoever it was holding Kylie on a stick, they spent the WHOLE weekend right at the front of the pyramid stage.
Ah mud memories.

2005 - f**k the mud and have fun
2011 - digging up lettuces and mother of two

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  1. Hi Alexis, It was really nice to meet you yesterday! I've just had a good look around your blog and I love it! Your house looks amazing, and I love all the creative projects you do with your kids or otherwise. Hannah