Thursday 2 June 2011

Stripe Mania Multi-tasking

Holly at Decor8 and her friend Igor are doing a bloggers-wear-stripes thing... you can read about it here, but basically it's about bloggers wearing stripes.

I'm not normally very good at joining in things like this, but as I was hanging out the washing earlier (oh the glamour) I suddenly realised how many stripy things were on the line...
So I did a quick change and got Hugh to take a photo.

My little helper changed too... no convincing from me needed. This is her favourite dress at the moment, way too small and way too hot for the weather, but she is developing a mind of her own. Her outfits are getting a little crazy. I need to make her a badge saying 'I dressed myself' or otherwise people are going to start wondering if I'm participating in some weird sort of child-fashion-abuse.

Two recent outings of the favourite dress... layered with spotty leggings and her nursery t-shirt for a quick bike ride and striped up to the max with tights. I have started sharing her more bizarre ensembles on instagram/twitter (have to amuse myself somehow)!

Yes she does literally help me hang up the washing, but for some obscure reason will only use GREEN pegs. What is wrong with this child? I've got a feeling a doctor wouldn't be able to answer this question.


  1. Thank you Alexis so much for joining stripemania and blogging about it:-) the pics are fabulous, love each of them! Cheers, Igor xx

  2. Loving the stripes! It's so much fun to see everyone participating.

  3. This is so cute!! I love the pictures!!!!

  4. this is so great!!! who doesnt love stripes!

  5. just did mine today ! love this one !!!!

  6. by the way - i LOVE your header... that is SO ME !!!! SO, I had to smile reading it. Will check your blog.

  7. OMG you're too funny Alexis and I think you should comercialize the badge saying 'I dressed myself'!
    Lots of love