Tuesday 31 May 2011

A (really fun) DIY Staycation

Hugh has a few days off work so is going to be doing some stuff around the house and garden. Wow - the potential! How much DIY can we get done? Obviously using ‘we’ in the normal sense... we means Hugh. He gets mildly annoyed at my habit of saying we when I mean him... understandably!

So back to my point...
We have a very very long list of stuff to do on the house. We are very bad at making decisions.
Hugh is very ‘thorough’ and therefore something seemingly simple can take much longer than normal... I don’t have much patience, so this is often a cause of ‘tension’ are you getting the picture!?

Sorting out our fireplaces (like the one in the kitchen above) is just one of the items on the hit list, along with lots of decorating of one kind and another and weeks worth of garden fun... (we forgot to think about the work involved in gardening when we were wooed but the big garden that is attached to this house).

So, are you feeling sorry for Hugh yet? I certainly am... (and I think he'd probably prefer to be at work this week)!

For the record, I hate the word 'staycation' and I can't believe I just used it as a title...

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