Wednesday 11 May 2011

Cupboards & Colour at Clifton Nursery

A few weeks ago (before the leaves were out on the trees, as proved by this pic) we went to Clifton Nursery for some garden inspiration...

and, yes, we got what we were looking for.
Inspiration in spades (sorry, couldn't resist the pun)!

For indoors, as well as out... I fell in love with their cupboards. If only I had a few thousand spare I'd take them all. This green one would look lovely in our kitchen. Might not be so picturesque if it was stuffed full of plastic toys though.
Think the price tag was around £1500 if you're interested; although of course I'll hate you forever if you buy it!

I'll take this one for the bathroom please. Could put my apothecary jars in it, and all those lotions and potions that are too pretty to use, above my freshly laundered towels of course!
Oh, those muted greys...

and fresh spring greens...

Buds and colour everywhere.

When I grow up I want to be good at gardening,

and flower arranging.

Before heading off for sustenance we met this charmer... very at home on her patch.

...and not particularly interested in us, in fact, soon something much more interesting caught her eye...

So off we went too; being parents we were of course up with the lark and the cafe at the nursery wasn't open so we headed to the toddler pleaser that is the barge cafe on the canal at Little Venice. And we were back home by midday.
If you want your weekend to feel longer then get up at dawn, it really works!


  1. Wow! Everything looks to pretty! Makes me want to start a new project in my garden. Love it!

  2. Couldn't agree more with the long weekend feeling when up at dawn - though makes for a tiring day!

    So what did you actually do in the garden then?

  3. Well, as with everything in our lives - it's work in progress! Grass done... and quite a bit of veg on the way. Planting imminent!!
    Of course there are a few posts to do about it all...