Tuesday 24 May 2011

A Slice of Summer at the Southbank

On Saturday we loaded up the buggy with a picnic rug, a bucket and a spade (and a baby of course) and headed to the beach at the Southbank...

Coco and Henry played in the sand and made friends with other kids, just like I remember doing when we used to go to the beach. Only problem was the sand wasn't wet enough for sandcastles. So we did miss the sea.
Meanwhile I played with instagram... can you tell!?

Many things are afoot in celebration of 60 years since the Festival of Britain. So we spent the whole day enjoying the sunshine...

We took turns hurtling down the helter skelter...

Lounged around at the roof top cafe... and tried to get Coco to identify the veggies.

We even had ice creams from an ice cream van.

Coco being very cautious about the fountain which loads of other kids were running in and out of whooping...

And just like all the best days at the beach we came home with pink shoulders and sand in our shoes. And we all slept very well.
The End.

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