Tuesday 14 June 2011

Time flies when you're sleep deprived

Yep, I've started another project...

We're only the third month in to this photo project (started a bit late) and already Henry almost got his five-month shot taken in his gro-bag (baby sleeping bag to those not in-the-know).
Hugh was just about to put him down to sleep when I suddenly remembered we hadn't taken his picture and hollered upstairs like a fish wife for him to bring Henry back down for his photo shoot!

He ended up in the same top as his four month shot, looks like stripes are going to be a theme.

Inspiration for this was found here on the lovely Famille Summerbelle blog. Glad to see they didn't start until month three either!


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! Love his hair.

  2. that is the CUTEST post to date!!

  3. How darn cute...and a fantastic idea!

  4. My dad did this for me for the first year of my life - even pics of me as a bump! He even filmed me on old cine fim to go with the pictures.
    His signs weren't as nice though, just written on a bit of paper and usually pinned to me.
    I'm really glad he did it though :)