Wednesday 13 July 2011

Letterpress Learning at Harrington & Squires

Last Thursday was a good day.
First, I got to ride my Brompton (yep, still got it), go on a train without a buggy/child and visit a bit of London I haven't been to in a while.
Just that would have been enough to warrant a good day.

But it got so much better.

I spent the day doing a course in Letterpress printing at Harrington & Squires. I learned a lot, tried something new, was reminded of things I used to love plus I met the two very inspiring women who are Harrington and Squires, and a lovely fellow student.

The result of the day were my very own blogcards... and an appetite to do some more printing projects, both with Letterpress and my trusty Gocco.

And then of course I got home to my lovely family, was great to have a 'free' day, but I got a very heart-warming welcome back. Henry kicking his legs and flapping his arms in excitement.
And Coco spilled the beans about a present her and Hugh had made for me for our anniversary... classic!
Days don't get much better than that.

Harrington & Squires are based in a very quirky shop called the corridor... because it is basically a corridor. On three floors. Perfectly adapted to purpose and very organised.

The lead used to create the space between lines of type. Leading, geddit?

Typesetting... a very satisfying task, just wouldn't want to do a whole newspaper.

Inspiration everywhere...

Inking up on the (Adana) press... and freshly printed cards...

The finished article, complete with holes made with a great Japanese puncher. Chrissie kindly let me stay until nearly 7pm punching my holes and chatting.

Ah yes, and the day was a Christmas gift, so thank you very much Hugh!


  1. So cool! I remember you talking about this at Blognic, but it's even more impressive in pictures. Can you imagine setting for a whole paper or book? Eeeek!

    They cards look fab.

  2. Very nice. I'd love to have a go at letterpress printing, looks like fun.

  3. Alexis, hi, your photos are fantastic. Lovely to meet you last week - such a good day (though I didn't quite get a hero's welcome from Albert, more a shrug of the shoulders meaning 'oh, only you, not Daddy then'). I meant to give you one of my workings... Do drop me a line at and let me know your address and I'll send one on. Love your blog too and all that you've done with your house. Makes me feel better about ours... Saw you'd been to Kempton - must get there next month. Sorry, wordy message... Genevieve