Tuesday 22 October 2013

Home Scenes: Floral Patterns

I'm rather addicted to pattern and colour and floral patterns in particular seem to call to me.
I spent an hour in the home furnishings section of Liberty the other day. It's how I like to spend my very rare childfree time. You know, just looking.

I'm quite smitten with their new collection and now I'm trying to work out where I can fit in a few more florals;
So far this is what we've got going on around the place...

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Above is the fabric that I've FINALLY made into blinds for our bedroom (full post coming soon I promise). It's by Kenzo Maison and is called Jungle (very confusing when you google it as Kenzo have a perfume called Jungle). I just love it, I love the colours and the beautiful botanical draftsmanship and the boldness. Which is lucky really as it's going to be the last thing I see when I go to sleep and the first thing I see in the morning.

Something I made Home Scenes William Morris pinks and roses floral fabric with farrow and ball green smoke walls

In our very green sitting room (Farrow & Ball Green Smoke) - I might have to do another post -  we have a very classic Morris pattern. We bought this William Morris Pinks & Roses fabric to make curtains for our old flat and by a stroke of luck the curtains were the perfect size for the windows here when we moved. My sister made us some cushion covers with the left over fabric, so we are all matchy-matchy.

manuel canovas misia floral fabric blind in my bathroom with verte de terre farrow and ball woodwork and white walls and original btc lights

This blind is made with a fabric called Misia by Manual Canovas and is also something we had in our old flat. It's not actually quite long enough for this window in our bathroom, but you know, there is no way I could get rid of this, and it's the right width which is good enough for me.
I'm waiting for somewhere where I can use Nankin by Manual Canovas... it's quite similar, quite grown up I think?

ikea cushions with a red and pink floral motif

Of course Ikea are pretty good at a floral pattern too. I got these cushions for our outside chairs a couple of years ago, I like the little watering can motif going on there... when they are not being used outside they just hang out here by the back door.

svensk tenn floral wallpaper in my downstairs cloakroom

It's very hard to photograph as it's totally internal, but our downstairs cloakroom is seriously flower power. We have this beautiful Varklockor wallpaper by Svensk Tenn which I had lusted after for ages. The reason it's in the downstairs loo is because the room is tiny and the wallpaper is expensive, so expensive that I've conveniently wiped its cost from my memory... otherwise I might give myself a heart attack every time I look at it. It's full on, but I never tire of it.

Coco's bedroom with her Spiri Haga floral tree design fabric blinds and third birthday bunting.

Finally there are the blinds in Coco's bedroom, the fabric is by a Swedish company called Spira and the design is called Haga. I first saw it in Skandium but then by the time I came to buy it they no longer stocked it so I bought it online from a company based in Oxford called Northlight Interiors.

So there you can see my slightly schizophrenic floral pattern love, from Morris to Scandi with some modern Ikea and a little French lux thrown in. I do envy people who can stick to white minimilist interiors...


  1. The varklockor wallpaper is amazing. Walking around Liberty is such an escape from the crazy mummy world. I love your taste Alexis.

  2. I love it too. The curtains from Coco's bedroom, are so pretty. I love green at the moment !

  3. That's a stunning fabric - I love using a bold print bedroom blind as the focal point of the room and then keeping the rest of the room pretty muted, apart from bright trinkets and accessories.