Thursday 3 October 2013

Small Friends

Henry started nursery a few weeks ago and we're already seeing a few changes mainly involving a lot more chat and quite a bit of singing. Last night when we were having supper he spontaneously started singing a little 'goodbye song' which I've never heard before. 
He enjoys a good conversation and tells me a lot about what he did each day and reminds me of things we did yesterday or 'last morning' as he likes to say.

But the thing that has really crept up on me over this summer is how much he enjoys seeing his friends and how his interactions with other children are gradually shifting. Yes he still grabs toys and is in his own world a lot of the time (normally playing with his 'special' trains), but I'm also starting to see the glimmer of real genuine friendships and bonds appearing - the magic moments where he has a chat, a joke, invents a game or shares some food with another child.

With Corin, sorting out some pebbles.

Spotting a butterfly and sharing a joke with Molly (who is modelling a Coco hand-me-down).

Posing post swimming with Aggie

Machine talk with Otto

Sharing some strawbs with Mila

Just having a chat about this diagram with Zefi.

Working out how to steel a vintage pram from outside a shop in France with Alex.

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