Friday 11 October 2013

My Present Cupboard

Spoiler Alert: I'm not entirely sure how many people I know in real life read my blog... but if you do know me and especially if you know me and have children you may want to turn away now. Or you may not be that bothered if you know what your child may or may not unwrap from us on their birthday. Hmmm most likely the latter... so read on.

Following on from a couple of present idea posts from two of my favourite blog reads, Hattie's Free our Kids and Charlotte's Only Saying What You're Thinking I thought I'd do a little audit of our current present stash.

Last year was a bumper year for parties. It seems that the done thing with reception age children is to have a party and invite the class. So that's 30 parties, plus a few more non school friends.
Party party party.
In reality it probably wasn't quite that many (we ducked the big party for Coco's birthday last year) but it certainly felt like I was constantly buying and wrapping gifts.

At some point over the course of the year I bought a job lot of good presents and I top it up every now and then in a slightly ad-hoc way.
Here's what it has in it at the moment:

presents in my present cupboard stash include finger printing kits, rubber stamp kits, okido books, cappi pens and colouring books

The colour coding of the numbers is roughly -
Yellow: ideal for younger children
Orange: any age
Red: 5 yrs and up

1. Nice tin from Tiger - might fill it with craft items for some lucky child. My two certainly love tins and cases.
2. Usborne sticker book - can't go wrong with stickers in my opinion
3. Finger printing kits - parents probably won't thank me for those ones
4. The next new baby to come along will be getting this bashful bunny which I got from the White Company do a couple of weeks ago.
5. Colouring books, another Tiger purchase, am slightly appalled at my own excitement that there is going to be a Tiger opening in Chiswick.
6. Okido books - I got quite a lot of these as I simply think they are brilliant.
7. Usborne sticker book - see 2.
8. Wish I'd bought more of these books, it's a guide to drawing cute animals from the Tate Bookshop. (Just seen they've got a 2 for 3 offer on, children's books!) The actual book isn't there though, but it is here.
9. Rubber Stamp kits - need I say more?
10. The best felt tips ever - Cappi pens by Stabilo, they all link together on a wire by their lids meaning that they generally loose lids less and are easy to shove in a bag altogether etc.

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  1. What a brilliant idea. I have a shelf in the boys bedroom (top shelf so they can't reach) which has 4 packs of lovely quality felt pens, 4 books of ' boys doodle book' - they love to sit there for hours drawing - a perfect gift in my mind. BUT it's for boys of a certain age.. so I might take your lead and have a better present stash. Have a lovely weekend Alexis... Lou xxx