Wednesday 2 October 2013

Drink Me Eat Me

Over the summer I spotted this new local cafe from the top deck of the bus - now if you past this shop front wouldn't you be tempted to visit?

So finally a couple of weeks ago Henry and I walked down to take a look.

Drink Me, Eat me has good coffee, good cakes and is perfectly positioned right next to Ravenscourt Park - I think we are going to be back here, a lot. We hung around and I took lots of photos... as you will see...

Millionaire's shortbread is one of my weaknesses... dating back from my very first term at secondary school when my friend had a whole uncut-up slab of it that we shared in one sitting. In hindsight you'd think that might have put me off... 

Alexis making my coffee and Dar her co-owner in the background. Always a pleasure to meet another Alexis!

 Henry and his chosen cake...

But it's not just your straight forward coffee shop. Alexis and Dar have a vision - they have art and lovely pretty things for sale and a great space that is used for lots of children's classes (and a few things for adults too) plus it can be hired out for parties - where they can even do the entertaining, in fact that is where the whole venture originally started...

AND they do frozen yogurt -

with lots of toppings...

The whole place is kitted out with furniture that Dar and Alexis have rescued and revived, it's been a labour of love...

We had such a nice visit... cake, tea, space & free wifi - this is the sort of great independent cafe I love being able to visit and support so we'll definitely be back.
Anyone fancy joining us?

Drink Me Eat Me is at 250-252 King Street, London W6 OSP


  1. Wows, that looks fab. I have to say I am a fan of Drink, Sop So when I am having meetings near kings cross

  2. Oooh I don't know that area at all. I'm in Sarf London. The cafe looks delightful. Definitely worth a visit. I can always be persuaded to join someone for cake and coffee...Lucy x

  3. beautiful restaurant. What's his name? I love vintage. Kasia