Monday 21 October 2013

Recently - The Birthday Edition

This last week has flown by... it was my birthday week.
Another year older and inside I'm screaming "I don't want to be 38'. But I am.
It's funny age, in some contexts 38 feels old and yet in others 38 does still seem young. Too young to lose your mother as a close friend of mine did last week.
The amount of times that I think to myself that someone is 'old' only to find out that I'm older than them, it's all about attitude - but you cannot stop time ticking away. It's futile to feel frustrated and ultimately I really appreciate where I am in my life... but if I'm ever going to write a 40 before 40 list then I suppose now is the time; and I do love a list (although not quite sure I can bear putting 'finish house' on another list; which is pretty inevitable).

The Kitchen mantlepiece with my birthday cards and a new advent calender

The kitchen mantlepiece - entering the birthday months around here, my birthday cards here will be cleared to make space for Coco's and then it's Christmas closely followed by Henry's birthday. Phew.
And yes that is an advent calendar you can see there in the background... a sort of b'day present from Hugh, I have a slight addiction, evidence of which can be seen here and here. Maybe he bought this one to stop me from buying more myself, but it's a good one - St Mark's Basilica in Venice.


  1. It was my birthday last week too (on Friday - which day were you?). Except I'm a year older than you. Only one year left of my 30s *silent scream*. It made me think about age too. I don't 'feel' any older than I did when I was in my 20s, except I quite obviously am. I was hanging out with some 20-somethings quite a bit a few months' ago (I was doing a course). I felt as young as them in some senses and in others, a lot wiser and more sorted. I suppose that's ageing for you.
    Might do a 40 before 40 too.
    Happy belated birthday! Lucy x

  2. Happy Birthday for last week! I'll be joining you at 38 on my next birthday though not sure I'll ever feel it - does anyone? Aren't we all in our 20's really? x The advent calender looks beautiful.