Tuesday 29 October 2013

Walking with the Dog

We don't have a dog.
We just pretended for a few days...

Coco with Gina the dog in the river, Edinburgh 2013

While we were staying with Hugh's Mum we had some great autumnal woodland walks with Gina the dog.

Henry was very keen to be in charge of the lead...

As was Coco...

Then Henry wanted to take photos instead... not a bad effort above?

I can't see us getting a pet any time soon* but it is very nice to go out with Gina, the woods were Hugh's childhood playground and were so quiet with their growing carpet of leaves.

It was also the first time that we had had proper family walks, no buggy and no backpack carrier... which made it slow at times but then it's fun to kick leaves, collect acorns and find sticks to throw occasionally.

*We also had a chance to pretend we had cats for a while earlier this year... which I HAVE to post about before I completely forget what it was like. Henry was obsessed with Wilma the cat... his original BFF (that stands for Best Friend Forever by the way Mum).

**I got an email from my Mum yesterday; I quote:
"Loved latest pictures on the blog but a few grammatical howlers, ask Hugh to look at it."
Sad when even your mother thinks you are incapable.
I'm DISLEXIC Mum! And no, I don't know how you bloomin' spell that either - got a Y in it somewhere I think... oh well... (oh yeah and I know that I probably miss use ... and I don't really speak with so many !!! but they always seem to creep in).

Hope you like the pictures everyone! Just like my Mum...!


  1. Wilma is still waiting for the post about her! Ax

  2. I loved the pictures like always, and sorry to say that but I've never ever noticed a single "grammatical howler" in your blog... (Ok, knowing that I am French and English is not my mothertongue and considering that I have grammatical issues myself may not make you feel so much better but still... ) I think mothers always have an eye for what's not-exactly-completely-perfect...