Friday 8 February 2013

At Home - Bits and Bobs

Some photos from around the house this week. Just because.

1. Been drinking lots of tea, even more than normal, this is a new Christmas mug; yes I always make loose leaf tea in a pot we have a house blend (I'm so refined you know), you should pop by and try it sometime.

2. A reminder that I no longer commute to work, my slightly tired looking oyster card holder has been retired to the mantlepiece. And a feather that's been hanging around for ages.

3.  Love our plate wall... might have to expand it soon.

4. Coco's card to Henry - she has started putting glasses on herself in self portraits. Oh look - a plate to be added to the wall - well a saucer in fact from my lovely tea cup that broke.

5. Making paper feathers and writing to-do lists (ish). Do all those post it notes sticking out of the top of my diary make me look organised? I'm trying...
They are these ones that I got ages ago from Papermash and have been not using because they are so pretty (not that you can really tell in this photo) but then I decided to get over myself.

6. My pens, make no mistake these children are not allowed to use these pens. I have quite a lot of rulers too. And a coaster with a feather on (there's a bit of a feather theme going on). Our plastic pockets that are tucked away sort of out of sight in the kitchen and hold all sorts of delights from postcards to library cards to bits of books that have been pulled out and are patiently waiting to be returned from whence they came, and other stuff I can't bare to throw away like the Tootsa MacGinty label from Henry's jumper because it's printed beautifully on such a satisfyingly heavy card. I'm beyond help.

**Ok this post has just taken me about two hours to write. How, I don't know... and I just read it back and it's so boring, but I'm publishing it anyway because I've just spent two hours doing it and not posting it would be a waste, but seriously I do think I'm going mad sometimes. Why do I take photos of my pens? That's not really sane is it. I have limited free time without kids and I do ^^ this ^^ what am I thinking. 
Josie's post from yesterday feels VERY relevant to where I am at the moment and my blog is my outlet, so forgive me if you've got this far in reading, which means you must be really bored, oh, you're at work? That explains it then.
Now I'm typing as if there is someone reading this. Which I'm sure there isn't.


  1. Claire O'Doherty8 February 2013 at 14:24

    Actually laughing out loud at the end of your post, and yes I am at work

  2. I loved this post and I'll come for tea any time! Ha - actually I was going to take some 'around the house' photos and you're putting me off... I have those pens too!

  3. Well, i must be mad too then because i literally go crazy for these type of posts!I love seeing peoples bits & bobs, odds 7 whatnots, it's really interesting. Have you ever read the book 'At Home'? (it's highbrow, its from Ikea) - but it's amazing, and full of things like this. I will possibly waste far too much time looking at every detail in your postcard pockets too.... LOVE!

  4. Is it weirder than you take pictures of pens or that I like looking at pictures of your pens? Actually, that sounds strangely pervy, so don't answer that question...x

  5. Ha ha! I'm not at work, but I should be in bed. I love this post - 2 hours well spent, I reckon.