Friday 15 February 2013

Small Photographer #2

Henry taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.

The result of me always having the camera close to hand and insisting on trying to photograph everything is that both Coco and Henry are pretty into cameras.

Henry quite likes playing with Coco's 'child friendly' camera, but most of all he likes the real deal. Yesterday I was trying to teach him to only touch the buttons and NOT the lens. Hmmm probably 10 minutes of my life wasted there; note the multitude of finger prints on my lens above.


  1. I can see a flash of Iain's childhood facial structure in the top left pic... and Hugh's in the top right... v cute though either way!

  2. Such a cute set of photos! He is lovely x

  3. The excitement on his face to be pressing those buttons is so sweet!x