Sunday 3 February 2013

05/52 A Portrait a Week

Coco: On the sofa after a night of being sick ("about 13 times"), she takes feeling ill pretty well. She is sleeping on the sofa as I write and missing a birthday party :-(
Henry: Loves cleaning his teeth and toothpaste and opening toothpaste, eating toothpaste, giving Coco her toothbrush and all teeth cleaning related activities.

Joining up with Jodi on her 52 project.

Funny that both these photos (taken on different days) have ended up looking very beige. I'm finding it quite a challenge to get nice daylight photos, especially of Coco in the week as by the time we are home after school the light is already beginning to fade. I need to get better at taking effective low level light photos and at taking my proper camera with me when we are out and about.


  1. Oh poor Coco - get well little one! I too struggle with photos during the week and end up taking mine on a saturday. Summer months we can go to the park after school... much better. x

  2. Poor poorly lass, hope she is on the mend. The light at the moment is such a struggle. I dive for my camera the moment the sun shines! x