Wednesday 9 January 2013

My book about ME, by me (the signed copy)

Coco was the lucky recipient of the only present I made this Christmas.

I'm quite proud of it, it was made with a bit of help from Blurb and Moo (and it took me AGES - the problem with taking loads of photos is that when you want one picture you have a lot to trawl through).

It was inspired by a book my sister gave me when I was about six or seven by Dr Seuss which I dutifully filled in with all sorts of facts about me, from how many windows my house had to what my best friend was called. I seem to remember a page where you could circle what you were good at and I just about circled everything. Oh the good old days...

Coco's book is part notebook, part photo album and part stickers.

She loves writing all her friends names at the moment - so these pages play to that.

If Coco is anything like me then she may not really remember all the stuff she did when she was four, this way she'll have her own little reference book.

As you can tell, so far Coco has just been interested in the stickers. I hope she does fill it in... and if she does I'll post some photos of the finished article.


  1. OH! MY! GOODNESS!!! Please make me one for Flo ;)

    I am forever inspired by you & the things you create. How long did it take?


    1. This book *may* have been the reason I didn't blog in much in December...
      The time consuming bit was finding the photos, but that's because I don't have a very good filing system so finding all the shots of friends and relatives to make into stickers took quite a while.

  2. I love this. I may have to do something similar for my boys, although they are older

    1. Defo look up the Dr Suess book - it's ace. Kids need to be able to read and write on their own for it though I think so too old for Coco right now.

  3. Alexis, your such a lovely mum, Coco is going to love looking back at this when she's older!

  4. This is absolutely amazing!
    Must have taken hours.

    I've just tweeted about you but couldn't find you on Twitter so apoloogies if you're on there and I didn't link to you!
    Anna x

  5. Hello! I am a Brazilian mother and I got here through the "Checkthis" .. loved everything she does! Congratulations!