Tuesday 22 January 2013

Dreaming about Holidays

Am sitting at my desk in two jumpers and with a hot water bottle on my lap and I'm dreaming about holidays. About sunshine on my back and sand between my toes… obviously I've been successfully programmed into being a 'typical' consumer and as soon as Christmas is done and dusted I start thinking about holidays.

Now of course in years gone by thinking about holidays was simple. Where do I want to go and when do I want to go there? But now there's a husband and a Coco and a Henry who all seem to what to come along too.

I feel like it's taken us a while as a family to find our holiday mojo - so over the next few days (ok, it'll probably be weeks) I'm going to share my memories of all the holidays we've had since we've had children. We've been on a good variety of trips from wild camping and festivals to shared houses and basic self catering to a long-haul road trip, with a couple of hotel breaks thrown in for good measure. Some have worked better than others - so I'll be sharing the highs and lows with you here... yep, it's a mini-series!

I like reading about other peoples holidays in the name of research, so it's only fair that I share mine right?

So here you go - this is what you'll be seeing here in the next few weeks:
1) Winter House Party - Cornwall (with Coco aged a mere six weeks)
2) France - a shared villa with two other families with new babies. (Coco aged 8 months)
3) Wild Camping in Cornwall (Coco aged 9 months)
4) Family Friendly Hotel Break in Suffolk (Coco aged 10 months)
5) South African road trip (Coco aged 16 months) pictured above... wasn't she tiny!
6) Camping in Dorset (Coco 3 years, Henry 8 months) **
7) Ibiza self catering and with a few nights in a nice hotel thrown in for good measure (Coco aged 4, Henry 1)
8) Isle of Wight (Coco aged 4, Henry 1)
9) Cornwall for new year 2012 - the perfect set up! (I'll be saving this one until last...)

If you are interested in sharing any good holiday memories/itineraries or general hot tips then drop me an email.

** We had a bit of a holiday lull between our South African blow-out holiday and Henry being born due to our house renovations...


  1. *Keep trying to comment on this so delete if I'm sending loads of replicas!*

    Love this idea. I've always been bullishly determined not to let go of adventures and do 'kiddy' holidays: all-inclusive, re-organised, compulsory fun. *shudder*

    We took J to Marrakech last year. Not at all in splendour but he loved it: sights, sounds, smells and dancing snakes kept him the quietest he's ever been.

    1. Ha-ha - we just came back from a *shudder* all-inclusive and I'm very ashamed to say... well it was great - but you can read about it when I get around to posting about it!

    2. That's the thing! I know I'd love it! That's exactly why it's far, far too dangerous to try... Hx

  2. Oooo I love a good adventure! We've done our fair amount of holidaying with theo abroad already so this year since he's going to be over two we can't afford to fly anywhere so our holiday will likely involve camping and driving, which sounds awesome to me! Maybe we'll even attempt France at our friends grannies old cottage...

    But looking forward to reading all about your trips and dreaming of our own summer adventures!


    1. We didn't make the most of the free-flying opps in the last couple of years. It's crazy now we'll never be able to afford to do anything long haul again!