Monday 7 January 2013

1/52 A portrait a week

I'm in a starting mood today.
I didn't really feel it on the 1st of Jan, (or 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th either, obviously), but today my mind is buzzing with 2013.
The first of my new firsts is committing to taking a portrait of each of my children every week. Along with many of the blogs I read (Little Green Shed, First Day of Marriage, Seventy Tree, Green Tea & Toast, Sarah Illustrator - and started by the author of this blog) I'm going to try to keep this up each week for the next year.

Coco - Walking back from the beach last week, it's rare to see this girl with her coat done up, she is crazy, always going bare legged and never wanting to put on a jumper.
I'm hoping Coco can kick the pink habit this year.

Henry - I'm only going to be the mother of a one year old for a few more days as Henry is two on Saturday - it's hard to get a photo of him right now as he wants the camera all the time - hence this of him holding Coco's camera.

As part of the challenge I'm going to try to put the photos in unedited, no filters and very minimal tweaks - I'm too quick to rely on photoshop these days and I'd like to get better at really capturing the moments through the lens.

So that's it - just another something I've started... lets see if I can keep it up!
Oh yeah, and happy new year!


  1. Your beautiful children always make me smile x

  2. Hooray! More people doing this's going to be such fun to follow! x

    1. I know, really looking forward to it - and feel like I'm more likely to see it through as there are so many other people I like doing it too.

  3. Aww they are both so lovely! That pic of Henry looks like he's just about to break into the biggest grin ever :)


    1. Thank you - you've just reminded me of your great mini-kids idea... I still intend to borrow that one from you!

  4. Great to see you involved! Lovely photos - the light in the first one is gorgeous and how cute is Henry?! And thanks for the link-up too. Good idea to not edit too much either, I'm about to start a photography course next week to learn how to properly use my camera - eek! x