Wednesday 11 September 2013

A Coffee (& lunch) at Paulines

I haven't done a home post in ages - I have a list of peoples houses I want to photograph - but I have to pick the moment to ask them (I think it's quite an odd thing to ask of someone really, especially non-blogger friends; which most of mine are) and then sometimes when I visit I forget my proper camera or the light just isn't right - but finally after about two photo session/toddler plays/coffee/lunch dates I have this lovely flat to share; thanks to Pauline for letting me snoop around her home!

My friends Pauline and Jonas have a wonderful, bight, top floor flat. Pauline was on maternity leave with her baby Jeanne for the first half of the year and then Jonas took over the parental duties in July.... so Henry has got to hang out with Theo, who is nearly three, quite a bit this year. We love visiting Jo and Pauline as they live really near the tube station (as do we) so our door to door journey is about 20 mins but includes a scoot and a train ride. I love it as their flat just has that lovely calm vibe...

Henry gets stuck into Theo's toys... while Pauline cooks lunch (I of course just swanned around taking photos). The kitchen island/butchers block was from the Old Cinema in Chiswick, which is great for a mooch around if you are in the area.

They did up the whole flat - I believe the kitchen is from a well known Sweedish company - but they opted against too many high fitted cupboards this great plate rack does the job instead.

The hallway runs the length of the flat - perfect for scooting (although I'm sure that wasn't the design).

Their sitting room is large and airy and has a great mix of old and new; records, books, games, comfy chairs, lovely lights...

A few french touches from Pauline...

Trying to convince Hugh we NEED one of these.

Theo's bedroom - he shares Henry's transport obsession.

Jeanne's mobiles

It's nice isn't it!?

(If you want to see some more of my friends houses I've photographed Annabel & Dan's flat, Nisia & Richard's house, Naomi and Dan's flat and AC and Dunc's kitchen.


  1. PHWOAR! House love!!! That is a stunning flat. Love the kitchen especially. Come and shoot my house? ;) xx

    1. I would LOVE to come and shoot your house Lou!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I am in love!

  3. Thanks for all postings, I love your blog Alexis. Where is Pauline's wall light from? The one that you are trying to convince hugh that you really need! x

    1. Hi Sonya - thanks for you lovely comment - the light is a George Nelson bubble light. You can get them at Heals I think or Liberty used to stock them. Google them - or use another search engine of your choice ;-) and you'll find them!