Sunday 29 September 2013

A Portrait A Week 39/52

Coco - swinging in the long early evening shadows... she wants to go to the playground everyday after school, kind of boring for me but I feel like we should do it before autumn sets in properly.

Henry - much to my amazement we've cracked potty training. We had a go in the summer and it didn't really work so we went back to nappies, then a couple of weeks ago we decided to try again and that was it, we've had a couple of accidents but really nothing on the scale of what I was expecting. I was seriously dreading it... but I'm glad I stuck to my guns and just waited until he was ready to go for it (well, except that I didn't and I did give it a go before he was ready, obviously - but you get the gist).
He does go about like this a lot though.

One portrait of each of my children every week in 2013. 
A 52 project started by Jodi of Che & Fidel

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  1. Great moments in time that will be fun to remember when they are older. xxx