Thursday 23 August 2012

In the Clouds

Last weekend we managed to find the only place in the country that
had no sunshine and camp there.
The campsites name should have given us a clue - Cloud Farm - we were in Lorna Doon country, lush rivers, deep valleys and thick water logged vegetation.
Below is a little taster of our weekend (given a bit of a photoshop vintage glow... couldn't resist)! 

Classic camp food - we had some much more elaborate meals than beans and baked potatoes (this was kids fare). Lip smacking chilli, chicken stew and lamb roasted on the fire. The bliss of sitting round a fire with good food, good wine and good friends...

River swimming... Coco was not so sure about this to begin with! The river went alongside the campsite, it was lush, had the weather been better...

The girls looking for worms.

What was life like before trugs!?

Essential marshmallow toasting (food is a major part our camping experience)!

A glimpse of of blue skies (it's been slightly gutting being back and reading all the jolly-sunshine blog posts, we had the technology maybe we should have checked the weather and just moved to somewhere sunny, but as it was we were kind of having too much fun to bother).

Happy campers

Master Henry enjoying a bit of wind in his hair...

The bell tent was lovely to sleep in, but did have a bit of trouble with all the rain as we got a few drips around the edges (but there is something so nice about being in a tent when it's raining). As my friend said, next time we'll go to Heatwave Farm.


  1. What a lovely looking spot, despite the cloud and rain. Bet that river was cold, I took a dip in our local one the other week and nearly went into shock!

  2. I love your camp experience, it looked great - maybe your pictures make it prettier, but I particularly loved the one with the marshmallow !

  3. I'm SO jealous! How many of you?! Perfect!

  4. We stayed on this campsite when Maisie was four!! How funny!