Wednesday 22 January 2014


2014 so far has had a yellow tint to it.

Henry's yellow birthday cake - by Alexis on

Henry requested a yellow cake, and in fact a yellow present too, for his birthday. So the christmas cake his birthday cake was dutifully iced in a slightly fluro yellow. Unfortunately every last crumb of this cake is now finished. It made using a Nigel Slater Christmas cake recipe from his Kitchen Diary book and we're already planning to make another one waaaay before next Christmas. 

New yellow smythson diary - by Alexis on

A yellow arrangement on the kitchen table. My 2014 diary; which I'm loving, is a beautiful yellow - as is my wallet; although at nearly 10 years old it's looking a bit faded (um, dirty). Am trying to drink more water... I like it warm with lemon in (honest that's not a gin and tonic).
The card is a Mary Fedden birthday card from a while ago; now blue-tac'ed to the wall.

Daffodils on my kitchen table - by Alexis on

And now we have some daffs to cheer us on up on this grey day.  Hugh's brother bought these home yesterday and they are already opening. 50p a bunch, lovely.
I quite like this yellow theme... hoping it continues.


  1. Love your yellow!!! Happy birthday Henry, what a lovely cake!

  2. Yellow and grey/silver are my favourite colours! I love it all, as per but WHERE is that diary from?!

    1. The diary is the Smythson Soho Midsize diary... it's a (very extravagant) addiction of mine.

  3. It's really new for me, this colour ! But I agree, with grey I love it.

    1. I kind of feel like I NEED yellow right now... or maybe just sunshine!?