Monday 20 January 2014

03/52 A Portrait a Week

Making pizza on saturday night.
Both these little people love to cook; although Henry has more patience for it than Coco at the moment, but when it comes to making their favourite food she definitely wants to be involved. I think at the moment this photo was taken Henry is probably asking "Is is is is is is is it spicy" about the salami that he has just happily eaten a slice of moments before. He is in a funny little phase where he repeats words over and over while he's thinking.

I should have a lot more photos to choose from for last week but somehow the week past without me getting any decent shots. Henry turned three and we have lots of pictures of us celebrating with pretty much our entire family in the pub, but not a stand out photos of either of the children on their own. Then the week went on to include a lovely trip to Kew gardens where I have lots of photos of Henry running away... and of course as it's still dark so early the opportunities to get photos of Coco are limited. So I'll try to rise to the challenge and do better this week. Or I might just resort to iphone photos. We'll see.

Last week I loved these shots by Lottie at Oyster & Pearl and it's nice to see Lori of Wild and Grizzy joining in with the 52 project this year - both happened to take some nice un-portrait feel shots!  

Taking one portrait of each of my children each week for 2014
Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.


  1. Thank you for the mention! Love your pic this week, particularly the clarity of Henry's little face. Gorgeous x

  2. Thanks for the mention :) Such a beautifully captured moment x