Friday 29 June 2012

Recently In the Kitchen

The kitchen is the place to be; not much cooking going on at the moment - but lots of other activities...

We know a lot of people with late June, early July birthdays around here... So I've been road-testing the rubber stamp set I bought at the papermash event last week.

Henry is getting the hang of scooting... scarily, even though he can only just see over the handles.

He is also very tolerant of having dubious hair accessories put upon him.

The mantelpiece is cluttered, as normal. I got a the Seletti palace pot/vase/object from Achica in a moment of madness, but I love it.
Coco made paper crowns with her Auntie when she stayed there a couple of weeks ago.
I think it might be tidy-up-time on the mantelpiece.

Flowers from Culture Baby Lucie who is over from San Francisco... and lots of milk bottles that never seem to get from the sink to the doorstep. I feel like we are in the last days of Henry having a bottle... I'm sad at these last milestones of parenting, you enjoy the firsts, but sometimes you don't notice the lasts.
Last bottle feeds for Henry and last days of pre-school for Coco.
(Sorry a little tangent sparked by seeing the nuk baby bottle in the picture)

Coco's balloon picture/card... made with a little help, but I like her composition, and as I have a strange gift of being able to draw an almost perfect straight line I'm very happy to see her lovely lines here. It's a useful skill; occasionally.


  1. Such a beautiful, lived in room. Clutter is a sign of happiness, I'm sure.

  2. Cute cards and liking your plates on the wall. I want to do that with the crazy amount of vintage tea cups I have.

  3. I so adore your kitchen and family room... it's been on my pinterest kitchen inspiration board (sorry if that sounds a bit stalkerish!) and I was wondering what flooring you have in there? It looks like such a lovely shade of wood, is it a laminate or a real wood floor?