Wednesday 20 June 2012

A Wise (new) Owl

Just after Coco was born Hugh bought me a lovely necklace from Shelf (one of my favourite shops - now online only - check it out).
It was a little owl, sitting on a branch and I wore it every day for a long time.

Then, as always seems to happen with me and jewellery, I lost it. Shelf no longer stocked the designs - Katy Hackney who designed it and is one of the shops owners had moved on to making (some very lovely) new stuff, so I kind of hoped that one day the necklace might turn up... and meanwhile wore my lovely Tatty Devine mustache necklace.

But then, back in March, Hugh and I went to the launch of the Spitalfield's Life book (where we had a great night hanging out in the old 'hood and also met Polly of Nice Kind of Blue). Katy was there, so I accosted her (really, I kind of did) and asked if she would make me a replacement.
And yipee - a few emails later - look what I got in the post.

My owl.


  1. It is so lovely! I'm happy for you that you got a chance to find another one, it would have been a shame to live without it!

  2. Love it! Nice packaging too.

  3. So glad that Katy made you a new one - its so sweet. Funny I was just remembering 'that' evening the other day and wondering if you'd got a new necklace yet! x

  4. What an adorable little owl. I think I need one!

  5. that's so nice of her! my sis has the moustache and i have a different owl, now broken sadly. keep meaning to replace it.