Thursday 21 June 2012

A Productive Evening

This evening I headed down to Clapham for the Papermash craft evening.

It's amazing what you can achieve in the time it normally takes to:
feed kids / bath kids / put kids to bed / feed self / clear up / flop.
I left at five and was home soon after nine...

...but in between I did a bit of screen printing, decorated a jam jar, drank (a few - whoops) lovely cocktails through lovely paper straws, put some blogs to faces, wrote a love letter on a doily and made some very good purchases.

A bit of old school type writing (think my fingers might ache from the key-banging tomorrow - they got a proper work out).

I'll take a bird cushion please - perfect for a new little baby that appeared on Tuesday.

Stationery and stuff... it's a bit like being in a sweet shop, I couldn't resist... I got some Honeycomb tissue balls, parcel tape, rubber stamps (perfect for emergency birthday cards) and ink... and of course I couldn't NOT buy some washi tape....

 Drying screen prints (courtesy of Zeena).

Lots of busy people and pretty things.

We even got a little goodie bag... perfect to occupy me on the tube ride home...
I think I need more evening activities from 5pm - 9pm


  1. Ooh I was there too! I'm going to blog about it tomorrow though as my bed is calling!

  2. hey, looks like so much fun!

  3. I was there too. I loved it! x

  4. I found the evening great, as you said, it's good to be away from the 5/8 routine !
    See my post :

  5. Oh lucky you! It looks like it was a lot of fun, and so many nice things there!

  6. It was such a lovely evening. Some of my pics from the night have gone up here:

  7. I wish I could have come!! looks great