Monday 18 June 2012

Plate Wall

Yes, we now have a wall with some plates on it.
It's quite an odd thing to do really isn't it? Stick plates on a wall... but there you go!

This random assortment of plates has been gathering, we had a few up in our old house, then the night before last we just decided to get them up*.

We've been a bit slow at committing nails to our walls... I think when you've lovingly filled and painted walls (or your better-half has) then it takes a few months before you want to bang holes in them. Or is that just us?

We decided on a rough arrangement on the floor, keeping it quite random so it can be added to... then we drew around the plates on to some newspaper and stuck the newspaper on the wall.

Just like so.
Then the plates went up and at the end the newspaper came down... easy peasy.

When I came down to breakfast today I was like 'oh, look at our lovely plate wall' Hugh's response was a definite 'humpf'.
Oh well, you can't please all the people all of the time.

On another note; I've just booked my ticket for the Papermash craft event on Thursday - anyone else going!?

*It actually took two evenings to put them up with an interlude for a trip to the shops to get extra wire plate hangers and picture pins... were never that efficient!


  1. They look great! Perfect randomness (If that makes any sense). I know what you mean about having spent ages filling and rubbing and sanding and painting and filling and rubbing and sanding and painting - it's hard to make holes! We've only just started hanging our pictures in our hallway! Why did you choose the wire hangers over the sticky type? Any reason? I've just bought some of the sticky type and now I'm wondering if you know something I don't?

    1. I didn't really know about the sticky type and we had some wire ones already. The sticky ones look nicer though as the wire ones do have ugly bits of white wire showing...

  2. OOOOO I LOVE it! I've always wanted a plate wall, I've collected a few. I must get on a do some more! x

  3. What a good idea, looks great!

  4. I was thinking about having a plate wall just the other day and then I realised oh oh my mum used to have one when I was a kid. I cant have one!! You've changed my mind now. I love the modern twist you've given it. I best get collecting.......Thanks for the inspiration :D