Tuesday 19 June 2012

Watching Them Go..

Now that Coco can ride her bike Hugh quite often drops her off at pre-school... and every morning Henry wants to go along too.

Sometimes we watch them from the upstairs window... and he waves and says 'Bye bye' and something that sounds very like 'see you later'.

If we are downstairs I have to wrestle him to keep him from trying to escape... and he cries when we close the door.

PS I feel a bit embarrassed to be showing our shameful slightly squat-like front garden... maybe seeing it here is the kick I need to get out there and sort it out... maybe.


  1. Oh so sweet the arms wide open as they ride away!

  2. It's sweet...
    These past three months I've been starting work so early in the morning that Swann is still asleep when I leave... It's not easy to be the one who stays at home when the others leave and you wave them bye bye, but it's not easy either to be the one who leaves...

    Swann, like Henry I'm sure, can't wait to ride a bike, he loves them!

    As for your front garden, I've seen much worse, believe me ;-)