Tuesday 4 October 2011

Second Chance Summer

So it looks like our Indian Summer here in London is over... we enjoyed it while it lasted. On Saturday, in our quest to make the most of the weather, we had a little jaunt up to N7... and went to Freightliners Farm, as suggested by my friend Ali.

We had a lovely lunch at the cafe... and then went to bother all the animals.

although the (huge!) pigs, were sensibly staying put in the cool barn.

I liked the brightly coloured two story hutches for the rabbits... and on the right, the compost bins. They may have smelt a bit, but they were very pretty.

Then we checked out the veg patch (well, it was a bit more than a veg patch... ) I think some of these tomatoes were in our lunch... which was delicious.

I quite fancy a sundial like this for our garden, I took this photo at about 3.30 (2.30 GMT).

And of course, we obeyed the health and safety rules, and washed our hands... a lot, it seemed. Coco liked trying to work out which basin was best for her!

Bye bye Summer... can't wait until next time...


  1. We went there a few weeks back. It’s a really sweet little farm (although I always find the smells a challenge)! The cafe wasn’t open when we visited, so we’ll have to go again and try it out. The massive pigs were hiding inside when we went too. Nice pics :) Have a good week.

  2. It's worth a trip for the cafe... was very good - the highlight of the visit for me I'd say (always thinking about the food)!