Friday 7 October 2011

A little bit of Culture, Baby.

Last week, against the odds (poorly 3yr old, tube delays etc) I made it to a Culture Baby museum tour. After administering medicine to Coco and leaving her on the sofa watching Charlie & Lola (with an emergency babysitter) Henry and I our way to Westminster and dodged the tourists while we raced along the river to The Garden Museum for a private tour with buggies and babies in tow.

I found out about Culture baby via West London Mum (the good ol' Mums online network) and as soon as I clicked onto the site I was in awe of what a great idea this is. Of course it took me about two months to finally go to an event, but it was worth the wait.

And what a haven of serenity awaited us.

We had a fantastic tour by a wonderfully knowledgeable/eccentric museum volunteer who gave us all SO much information/food for thought. My brain ached slightly afterwards - in a good way of course. Meanwhile, Henry got to explore the garden and the historically significant tombs.

Not your average toddler playground - but exactly why Culture Baby is so great. They organise tours, salons, walks and events where you and your baby are catered for.

The Museum is housed in an old church, but the interior was redeveloped with a free standing wood structure by Dow Jones architects so now has a much more useable space with a mezzanine floor and further exhibition spaces.

This place is truly a hidden gem. As commented on by my friend Gareth who also took a much better photo of the interior (he is professional photographer though)!

And, even though I feel a bit cheeky saying this, as the museum is very interesting, it's worth a visit for the cafe alone (I know I said this about Frieghtliners Farm too - but a good cafe is not to be underrated)!
We sat in the garden under the canopy of this beautiful tree and had a vegetarian feast.

A tradescantia flower in the garden of the museum - named after the sixteenth century gardener John Tradescant whose tomb Henry was playing on above.

I realise that I'm heading off my 'something I made' brief with all these posts... am thinking I may have to change the name of this blog... but what to!?


  1. Nah, you made a trip to a museum! Sounds like a great program.

  2. This place looks geat and so relaxing!
    Concerning the name of your blog, I have the same problem since I barely talked about pregnancy at all :) Well, it's been more about "other things" in my case...
    Have a lovely weekend!