Friday 14 October 2011

Another year, Another project.

Today is my birthday and last night before I went to sleep I said, in a jokey sort of way, 'I'll have to start my book about Being 36 tomorrow'. (If you don't know what I'm on about see this post).

Be careful what you say in jest... after THIRTY SIX years, i should have learnt not to say things in jest. Especially in my trademark dead-pan way. It's got me in to trouble too many times.

But I said it. And now the seed is sown.*

Enough time has passed for me to have almost forgotten what a weird/annoying/self-centered task making that book was. At the moment, I'm vaguely aware of this voice in my head which is saying 'it couldn't possibly be as hard or all consuming this time around though could it!?'

Oh, how many projects have been started under those false assumptions?
But the voice reminds me that photo book software is aplenty, I now know how to use InDesign, I do my blog, so am compiling 'content' all the time... and I have time. Oh no, that's not right, that is indeed the one thing I am lacking.
But, as I said the seed is sown.

So, in illustration of this post - here are some further (never seen before!) pages from Being 26. A good excuse for me to think about what chapters Being 36 might have...

A page on my lists website, which was, a compilation of lists from friends.

When I was 26 I went on lots of holidays...
We went to Cornwall for our annual Cornish camp, hopefully that'll happen this year... (although is a slightly different affair now that there are so many kids about).

We went to Egypt (mainly for sunshine).

Madrid, mainly for food. The text is a transcript of a conversation Hugh and I had trying to remember all the nice things we ate.

We went to Wales and I met Hugh's parents for the first time.

And I went to Thailand with Bella to visit my lovely friend Tan.

This is what I mainly wore. How I loved that coat. And those jeans. The skinny ones on the left were pretty rare for 2002. If only I could fit into those now.
Plus it's a bit hard to see but the little half moon satchel, which was £12 from Alfies Antiques has had a few outings recently, see bags, always a good investment!


  1. Happy birthday! I love your Being 26 book.

  2. Happy bithday! I am 36 and I can tell you this is a fairly good age :) Wow, I'm totally impressed by your book, it's wonderful and such a great idea! You definitely should make another one!
    Thanks for your lovely comment today :)
    Have a great birthday weekend!

  3. happy bday hope you had a great day andhaving fun with IPAD.... great book 2 see ye soon xx Siobhan XX

  4. Wow, your being 26 book is amazing and very inspiring.. i'm 26 now.. :)

  5. Ooh so next time I think about making an ugly book for Albie I can send it to you and you can make it beautiful!