Monday 31 October 2011

The Little Witch

It's that time again when many a parent around the globe forces their child to partake in Halloween just so that they can put the photo of them in costume on their blog.

Although Halloween should be the perfect opportunity for me to present 'something I made', I didn't actually make this fairy-slash-witches costume. As with last year my lovely sister was staying with us in half term and knocked this up while I lay on the sofa. She prepped the pumpkin (ready for me to carve) and made a delicious spiced pumpkin soup. Seriously, she just made me feel quite bad about my sofa lazing tendencies.

Her ability to turn £9 worth of fabric from Goldhawk Road into this double-costume magic is impressive. The black skirt is worn over a pink and purple one (the three year old bullied us into buying the pink and purple toile) so although she could be being a fairy, it seems she's quite enjoying getting into character and being a witch. She wanted Henry to be her cat. A little bit of a missed opportunity there...

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