Tuesday 25 October 2011


I've just downloaded the last couple of months worth of photos from my iphone, here is a little glimpse into the minutia of my life...

1) (Window) shopping for handbags in Selfridges - surprise surprise Coco liked the pink bags best. Watch out all parents of baby girls. The pink monster will get them in the end... I still can't believe it happened to me.

2) Henry seems to like getting himself awkward spots, he is at the finger-in-plug-socket age. I had to save him yesterday after he got stuck under Coco's bed.

3) I'm trying (really trying) to get fit by going to Holland Park at least once a week and partaking in the strange ritual that is 'buggy fit'. On the upside, I'm re-discovering what a GREAT park Holland Park is...

4) Shoe tales.
We are playing 'Shoe Shops' a lot. It's a bit boring too be honest, I'm always the customer and I keep being told to 'have a little walk'. The last time the real shop assistant asked Coco to 'have a little walk' she went straight out the shop! Strangely my shoe size is always different. It was eight meters last time I think.

I forgot my 'normal' shoes after a friends wedding so was forced to wear high heels the day after... not only did I feel like a fish out of water but it dawned on me that I don't think I'm ever going to be able to walk properly or gracefully in heels. A sad realisation.

5) There's been a lot of list writing going on as normal. Down at the bottom there is 're-design blog'.

6) Despite a horrid cold, my birthday was great... bunting, and a basket full of cards and pressies, I also got a pretty good cake. And the cold meant I was able to have legitimate three hour nap in the afternoon.

7) Harvested the last of our first sewing of carrots, pretty impressive (I can't take any credit, the carrots were Hugh's crop)!

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