Tuesday 18 October 2011

Alice Drinks Guinness

In our continuing efforts to sort/tidy/de-clutter and finally actually unpack our STUFF (only after 2 years of owning our house...) We started going through a box books that we found in a cupboard when we moved in.
Caked in dust were a variety of books, old school magazines and exam papers from various universities circa 1950 - many a gem has been found, but this, so far is the best.

From Christmas 1938, complete in its original waxed paper envelope is an alternative 'Alice' story...

Having done a bit of research (seriously, how AMAZING is it to have the internet?) it seems that this was a promotional booklet for Guinness given out in doctors surgery's...

The illustrations are a great pastiche of the John Tenniel originals.

It's actually whet my appetite for reading the real Alice books to Coco. I'm looking forward to reading her all the classics that I loved when I was little - which she of course is probably obliged to hate... ho hum.

Which reminds me; I've spent most of this evening feeling all mixed up about the Stone Roses... My favourite band, who I met in 1990 on Neal Street and who sorely disappointed me when I saw them live (without John Squire) at Reading Festival when I was 18. I agree with a lot in this article, but I can't help feeling a wee bit excited about their reunion tour.

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  1. We just finished reading Alice in Wonderland to Lillian. It's a strange book and I think a fair bit went over her head but she really loved it anyway!