Tuesday 4 October 2011

Four Letter Names

New cards for two new arrivals.

Was kind of thinking of the LOVE graphic by Robert Indiana but got a bit side-tracked.

So welcome, baby Noah and baby Theo. I hope you like your cards.

PS Am posting this at 6.25am for no other reason than the fact that I've been awake since 4.50. I don't understand! I feel really excited for some reason, but it's just a normal(ish) Wednesday. I tried to get back to sleep using my favourite method which is to chose a topic (today it was 'Why am I excited?') and then think of something related to said topic for each letter of the alphabet. So, in this case A = Autumn, B = Birthday (coming up soon) etc. Normally it sends me back off to sleep again pretty soon. But I got stuck on 'i'. There's nothing exciting in my life beginning with 'i'. So I got up. I crept downstairs and I heard the milkman... now this is exciting. Alan has been delivering our milk for nearly a year and I've never seen him. I quite often hear the unmistakable hum of the milk float, but I'm normally tucked up in bed. I wanted to take my chance! I was thwarted though. By the time I got the keys and fumbled with the door all I saw was the milk on the step and a man disappearing swiftly into the still dark street. Then I heard the hum of the van.
Now Henry is awake and chatting in his cot.
So the day starts.

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