Wednesday 28 January 2015

A Temporary Kitchen

For the last couple of weeks we've been home-camping. Complicating our lives slightly more than necessary by deciding to decorate the kitchen. We had a leak about 18 months ago which damaged the plaster and we never got around to fixing it but finally, FINALLY it's in progress and as that's being done we also thought it's about time the kitchen mantlepiece got properly filled and fixed to the wall. I can't quite believe we lived with it unfinished for so long (it's been well documented on this blog, but you can clearly see the holes in the plaster here).

We are lucky to have an alternative space - our playroom/workroom/studio/bike maintenance/utility room - where we've set up a temporary kitchen. It's the room I work and blog from in fact.
Our lives moved into this little space and we prepped food (not much cooking - a lot of heating food from the freezer), ate, played and worked altogether in this space. Mostly it's been pretty chaotic, but it's felt a bit like camping and also something about the small space has at moments reminded me of being in a beach hut.

Now we are back in the 'real' kitchen - and appreciating the space and light we have in there all the more. With a newly painted fireplace and wall I'm wondering if we should change some things around a bit... the plates are still waiting to be put back up and we've taken down the picture wall too so blank walls are beckoning.

It's also so easy not to be satisfied with one task being ticked off the to-do list. I'm already itching to continue the pace we've started and to sort our our front garden, which is frankly a disgrace, but it's one of those horrid jobs that just has so many knock on tasks and a lot of them are things that we need to trust other people to do, like adjust drains. I really don't know where to start adjusting a drain.

But what I'm also thinking about is whether to look into hiring a beach hut somewhere this summer...

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