Wednesday 7 January 2015

Reflecting & Planning

Oh hi blog! It's been a while...

reflect and plan for the new year ahead -

We are still not quite back to normal after Christmas and New Year shennanigans. Henry is back at nursery tomorrow and I'm looking forward to having a bit of time to clear the decks (rather than decking the halls) our Christmas decorations still need to be packed away my email inbox is out of control and there is a fine scattering of slight chaos all around the house. Henry tries to be helpful with the housework and cooking, but his idea of changing the sheets is to wrap himself up in the clean duvet cover and make a 'cosy place to live'. Kind of funny, kind of frustrating.

In the meantime I'm snatching moments to reflect and plan.
We had a really lovely festive period and I'd like to share some bits and bobs here - even if I will really stepping out of line blogging about Christmas in late January... I could save the drafts for next December instead? Oh well, we'll see.

My new 2015 diary is already full of lists and plans - I want to do a lot more on the blog - more documenting for me and our family, the memories that I have stored here are really precious to me and I appreciate the time I've put into recording them here. We also have some adventures in the pipeline that need fine-tuning and of course the list of DIY house tasks and craft projects is enormous as usual.

Oh and we've got a birthday party to plan for this Saturday for which I sent out the invitations, um, about 20 minutes ago. No matter how many resolutions I make I still have to live with me and my last minute tendencies. I guess the best thing I could relsolve to do for 2015 is to embrace mess and disorganisation, but I'll probably just go along fighting them as normal.

What I would like to do most of all this year is to enjoy the now.
Enjoy the reflection and enjoy the planning.
Enjoy the chaos, because this is it; and I'm lucky in so many ways, I like my life pretty much just the way it is.

PS. H.enry is here 'pressing something' and helping me write this post. So for once the typos are NOT MY FAULT MUM! 


  1. Lovely beach picture. Good point about enjoying the chaos. I find it so hard at times but I really wouldn't want it any other way.

  2. Yes to enjoying the chaos! And please post christmas reflections! I'm the same with my recipes - do I wait until next autumn, christmas etc - will prob just happen naturally ha! but I'd love to see how your holidays were xx