Monday 19 January 2015

(Ad)Ventures - New & Old

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I sent a message to someone the other day - it was meant as a joke... but it wasn't really a very funny joke because basically it's true.
It read "2015 is the year I launch my portfolio career"

2014 probably could have been labelled my launch year too. Maybe I'll always be in perpetual launch mode as I have a tendency to want to follow through on every idea I have and my head is permanently spinning with plans and ideas.

There are however a couple of ventures that seem to be gathering steam at the moment. One has been in the pipeline for a long time and just needs a final push and then I can SHOUT about it...
The other is something that I've been chatting about with a friend for a while and we've decided to just go for it.

We are running some beginners photography workshops from my house. We've got two dates booked - one for the 30th January and the second for the 12th February. If your interested in coming along then there are still a few spaces on both dates and all the information can be found on our Chiswick Photo Course page.

I must say I'm really excited about the courses... it will be lovely working with my talented friend Siobhan (I introduced her to instagram a couple of years ago and she has gone from strength to strength on there... she is pushing on 10,000 followers!). I ran a couple of courses last spring and I really enjoyed doing them, but it's kind of stressful doing it all on your own but planning it with someone like-minded puts a whole new spin on it.

We are hoping to run a workshop every couple of months and I must say I'm already getting carried away in my head with more plans and schemes... (see previous note above). Plus there's a map project that I've wanted to do for AGES and I'm thinking about taking on some of my parents business and doing a bit more freelance work and I've got a social enterprise idea that I've been wanting to action FOR LIKE EVER and I want to get back to drawing because - um it's kinda fun, and Hugh got me some calligraphy stuff for Christmas which I need to make use of (read: get good at).
Oh yeah, and I want to do more with my children. You know, that old chestnut.
I'd be very happy to do less tidying and cooking... so there are some things on the 'less' list at least.

I know that fundamentally it's a good thing that I'm always busy and wanting to do stuff, but so often I end up feeling like a failure for all the unfinished projects. In fact this blog was started as somewhere to gather all the evidence of the stuff I had done; so I wouldn't always be focussed on the things not completed yet; only of course it's become yet another item on the to do list.
All the sensible people tell me to stick with one idea and go with that. But I guess I'm not that sensible... and surely that isn't a portfolio career?
So I shall keep going, edging forward on all fronts, enjoying the journey.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are pursuing all your creative ventures. Looking forward to seeing all that you make and do in 2015.