Friday 23 January 2015

A Year In Books: January

I seem to have regained the appetite and space for fiction reading. Since Coco was born my reading habit has been sporadic and often non-fiction based. The exceptions, books I have read, have often really stuck with me - and I think that's maybe why I've avoided reading (examples that spring to mind are Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Any Human Heart by William Boyd). Somehow I haven't really had the space to get too involved in someone elses story.

However, I'm now being spurred on by the fact that Laura (from Circle of Pine Trees) is continuing her 'A Year In Books' project where you aim to read one book a month for the year blogging about the book you've read and the one you are planning on reading next.

Running my finger along our bookshelves I guiltily spotted a number of books - most of them gifts -  that I haven't yet got around to reading. I pulled them out. Seven books; so that's seven months sorted already.

I started at the top of the pile with 'We are all Completely Beside Ourselves' by Karen Joy Fowler  - my Christmas present from Hugh.
On Sunday morning Coco and I snuggled up in bed reading our respective books while Henry and Hugh headed down to make breakfast, I love a bit of companionable reading and to do it with Coco was such a treat. A first in fact.
And yesterday I had the pleasure of an hours journey on public transport... only really a pleasure when you have a good book to read.

* If you are counting the books up there on my bedside table (well, if we're being technical it's Hugh's beside table - better light for a photo) you will have noticed nine books... but 'On The Map' and 'Everyday Matters' at the bottom are non fiction, so they don't count - plus I'm kind of reading them on & off already.


  1. Ooh The Curious Incident….it's really good! I haven't quite gotten around to reading anything yet this year and January is creeping to an end very quickly. You've spurred me on to have a look at my reading pile, so thank you. Perhaps I'll jump in for Februarys 'a year in books'.

  2. I just read "We are all completely..." last week. Won't say anymore so I don't give anything away! Will be interested to hear what you thought of it...


  3. I love your idea of blogging a book a month. I've just got back into reading in a big way too (my wee boy is 15 months now) and I'd love of remember better what I've read already. I did read The New Confessions by William Boyd at the end of last year and it has really stuck in my head, it was brilliant! So many good books in your pile there, enjoy!