Friday 27 June 2014

Gentle Mornings

Today is an inset day... we were planning on heading to the south-west for the weekend but forecasts of rain among other things have put us off so instead we are having a gentle morning at home.
Gentle meaning no rushing around to find reading books or PE kits, no shouting about getting bikes out or shoes on.
I find mornings hard, I hate the chaos of our weekday mornings and I keep vowing to myself that I will try to get up earlier, be kinder, not raise my voice. But I make the vow as I go to sleep at nearly midnight again and so inevitably it's almost forgotten by morning as I pull myself out of bed, later than I should have.
And then at the weekends I want to get things done... to go places and make the most of our family time and so I often fight the gentle mornings, I fail to enjoy the pottering and long breakfasts. I get frustrated that the cereal packets aren't put away before the paper, glue and scissors are got out. It's hard to be an intrinscially untidy person that can't stand mess.

So today so far has looked like this...

Breakfast with a few strawberries from the garden... the few that haven't been half eaten by something else...

The duplo has had a sudden resurgence...

We pottered in the garden waiting for the coffee to brew. Coco helped to snip some new flowers for the mantlepiece and we harvested some beans... and tried some young borlotti beans.
Coco did ask me "Mummy, why do you take photos of everything?"

Coffee and croissants on the deck

Fresh flowers on the mantle.

Now we just need to decide what we are going to do today. Or maybe I'm missing the point?

(All photos are iphone... it's been such a lazy morning that I couldn't even be bothered to take 'proper' photos.)


  1. Oh, I so empathise with the intrinsically untidy but don't like mess comment! Recently I went to an untidy friend's house and I felt quite ill! Inspired me to get my act together (sort of.) PS Finishing work soon if you fancy meeting when I'm still in the area :)

  2. 'It's hard to be an intrinscially untidy person that can't stand mess.' LOVE THIS