Thursday 19 June 2014

52 Project - A half year of catching up #2 - Coco

It feels like Coco is growing up so fast at the moment - I can't believe she is about to finish her second year at school... it sometimes seems like I hardly even see her at the moment, but then there are other times when I look at her and I still see my baby girl... here's a little catch up of what she is like now... starting back in March.

(For those of you that don't know this is a catch up of the 52 Project  - taking a portrait a week of your child - which I took part in last year but have totally failed to keep up with this year. So it's a bit of a cheat!)


Making a rock and wood sculpture in the garden with some bits leftover from one of Hugh's DIY projects... Coco is pretty self sufficient and happy to create her own games most of the time - her favourite thing to do is to settle down at the kitchen table to do some 'arts and crafts' but obviously she's is also partial to doing a little site specific work...


Some intense colouring artwork... I think she is a graphic artist this one - enjoying patterns and colour more than drawing scenes.


At the Southbank after we went to see the Martin Creed exhibition - climbing and scrambling around as usual.


We made an Easter basket together by weaving paper and then Coco got a bit trigger happy with the stapler. She loved the fact that I let her go and cut some flowers from the garden too.


Looking studious while completing the very cryptic Easter egg hunt that Hugh made for her....



Climbing a tree in Richmond Park - she loved doing this. She has quite a fearless determined core when she gets going.


Collecting bluebells for her flower stall at camp. We hadn't seen her entrepreneurial streak before...
Like her brother she loves her bike and can ride it like a demon. Her new thing is riding along the pavement home from school with one hand hanging by her side - doing quite a good impression of a listless teenager.


No need for me to push her on the swing anymore (although she prefers it when I do).


Planting a sunflower at stall in Chiswick as part of the Abundance London Chelsea Fringe. She is still a bit shy about stepping forward and doing these kinds of things on her own and takes a bit of encouragement to join in with things occasionally.


Enjoying mud and water (see entry for Henry from the other day in the same location).


We spent an afternoon at the Whitechapel Gallery for their family day (they have another one on this weekend - I would highly recommend them - we went to one before that I did a post about here).


She is growing out of her beloved foxy jumper by Tootsa Macginty but she'll keep wearing for as long as possible. I have a shelf in our airing cupboard when I stash things when they are too small and Coco keeps raiding it and pulling out things to wear - she has another old favourite a jumper with a bus on which she had on the other day and it's aged 3-4. Her sartorial choices never cease to amaze (and frustrate) me...
Her wearing trousers on this day out was nothing short of a miracle.


With one of her best friends engrossed in a game in the garden... I guess that is what childhood is all about eh?

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