Thursday 27 February 2014

07/52 A Portrait a Week

This is very late; but after completing all of last years 52 project I don't want to fall behind this early in the year...

Week seven was the week before half term. We were unpacking from our wonderful Cornish weekend and planning for our Moroccan adventure... that's my excuse for the fact that both of these photos are iphone pics. But really it often is the camera I have to hand, the one that records the little moments. They aren't the best shots but they capture the memory and for me that's more important. Time is slipping through my fingers at the moment. Coco came home from school yesterday with her first wobbly tooth, I had to be excited rather than crawl into the corner weeping and mourning the fact that she is growing up. Not only that she then went on to spend about an hour on the sofa reading to herself.
I think the big difference for me at the moment is that my children (or Coco more specifically) are moving into a phase that they will remember for ever. They may be hazy, somewhat distorted memories, but in years to come I'm sure Coco will have some sense of what her year 1 classroom was like and she'll remember the excitement of holidays and the simple pleasure of coming home - she was so excited to come back to sleeping in her bed. I love this girl so much for the happiness she gets from the simplest of things.

So - for week 7 we have:

Coco - reading... or checking out the pictures?
Henry - washing up; if only I could trust him to really do the washing up. Oh, and I had to hide the washing up liquid after this.

Taking one portrait of each of my children each week for 2014
Joining in with Jodi at Practising Simplicity.

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