Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Seaside x 2

Beside the sea in Brighton by Alexis at

The weekend before last I went to Brighton to visit my lovely friend Lou for a much needed non-child day where we walked around, browsed in the shops, dodged the rain and made sure we had time to have lunch plus tea & cake. At the last minute we ran to the sea and I got this photo of the dramatic sky...

Beside the sea in Cornwall by Alexis at

Then last weekend we made the long trek to Cornwall. Heading into the storms full on may have seemed like a mad idea* but it was well worth it. It's a annual pilgrimage for a friends birthday and our numbers have swelled somewhat since children have arrived on the scene... I think I heard a rumour that there were 23 kiddos there. We had some very welcome sunshine, a LOT of wind and a bit of rain.

*Especially when we had planned to travel on the sleeper train which was cancelled due to the track being washed away at Dawlish and then the roof blew off the house we were meant to staying in! We're not superstitious so when alternative accommodation was found we went anyway... we had to go in the car but an unabridged CD of 'The Secret Garden' borrowed from the library kept us entertained.

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