Friday 14 February 2014

Weekend Therapy

Our weekend away last week was just the tonic I needed. It felt like a punctuation mark, I'm ready to come out of winter hibernation mode, spring is around the corner.

January is a time of mulling over life (resolutions?) for me. I'm not ready to leap into action. Not that I'm ready to leap into action now... but, urm. Think I've lost my point there somewhere. So I'll just share some pictures instead. Here are a lot of pictures from our weekend away.

Blustery cliff walks...

... but bright sunshine too.

And when the sea turned white with foam and the waves crashed high we retreated indoors for a very British bake-off...

Lucy's wet weather cakes were entirely her own invention and were a very popular choice amongst the youngsters!

Henry very keen on taking part in the bake off tasting...

 ... and Coco took filling out her voting slip just as seriously.

Nothing like a walk and a chat... especially when wearing part of your mothers 80's fancy dress leg-warmers.

The curry night was slightly over-catered...

Spot the cheeky girl in the window...  (she's photoshop'd in from another photo! heehee can you tell!?)

... and the boy by the back gate.

And the icing on the cake was meeting this little fellow on the beach!

It's February. It's school holidays again, no school run for a week... and I'm feeling revived by a weekend spent with good friends, new and old.
Friendship and family... the roots of a happy life?

Previous excursions to Cornwall in February have been dutifully logged on this blog before...
In fact reading between the lines of the 2012 trip I think it was a lot harder work than this one... we really are emerging from the baby years....

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