Monday 3 March 2014

Sunday Guests

After writing messages in a load of Christmas cards that went something along the lines of "we must catch up soon in 2014" I made a silent resolution to spend more time with friends this year. So far we haven't done badly at all and this Sunday was no exception...

Hugh and I did loads of cooking on Saturday evening after the children were in bed when we could listen to our music and press the buttons on the food processor ourselves. Such luxuries.
Then on Sunday morning I pottered around finishing my Bakewell tart (I made a plum Bakewell tart from Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie at Home' book) and tidying up while the children played with a neighbour, first at our house and then at theirs. The house was filled with cooking smells, Desert Island Discs was on the radio and the spring sunshine was dancing on the walls.
The whole scenario was overwhelmingly comforting and felt just plain homely. Reminiscent of my own childhood when my parents would have friends or family over for Sunday lunch (and there was something a little like the calm before the storm about the whole situation too).

We even managed to harvest enough purple sprouting broccoli from the garden to go with the lamb stew Hugh made. So smug!

The after lunch debris, empty wine glasses, black coffee and left over pudding and cream. Plus a nice shot of one of Coco's Moroccan souvenirs.
The lunch was delicious and seeing our friends was long overdue and lovely.
I'd be happy to have Sunday guests every weekend. Well, maybe almost every weekend.

This week I'm promising myself I WILL blog about our Morocco holiday and I'll catch up on the 52 project... I'm also really looking forward to pancake day tomorrow. Warburtons kindly sent us an amazing pancake discovery box so we've been gearing up to the big day by experimented with some flavour combinations and having their scotch pancakes for breakfast.
I think tomorrow I'll be having a salmon, leek and creme fraiche savoury pancake (with lots of black pepper) followed by a classic lemon and sugar one.
Have a lovely week.

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