Tuesday 11 March 2014

Things done & not done in the past week

For the last ten days I've been mainly cancelling plans. I've got a virus that makes normal activities feel like insurmountable tasks (but also a wonderful husband who has been picking up the slack, for which I'm VERY grateful).

So I haven't taken many photos or got on with all the life 'admin' that was piling up over half term.
I didn't have my normal opportunity to gossip with Nisia while the boys did gym last week, I didn't see my friends for lunch on Friday, I missed tea for Angela's birthday and I didn't get to catch up with neighbours over dinner on Saturday. I've missed tap dancing twice (yep, tap - don't judge!) and I guess I'm going to have to bail on the meet-up that Lynne organised for this evening... and tomorrow I won't be meeting Hattie to go to the RA and hand over some of Coco's old clothes for Frida.

I really never normally would have so much to cancel but I guess that is what is called sods law.

I have been spending a lot of time on instagram and have found lots more people to follow (I'm @somethingimade on there in case you recognise me as one of your stalkers) and I've found a few new blogs (or in some cases old ones that I haven't read in a while) which I've been binge reading:
lifeasawidower.com has been making me weep
Edspire.co.uk making me weep some more (I'm not sure how come I'd never stumbled on either of the above before...)
Me and Orla has made me want to start my blog all over again and make it just like hers!
Mini Eats another blog with a wonderfully gentle vibe and lots of mouth watering recipe ideas. 
A Quiet Corner somewhere I hadn't been for a while, it felt like catching up with a friend... a friend who was making me wonder what on earth my children will be like as teenagers (and hoping we get there...)

And I've watched a fair few Ted talks - including this one about dieting...which makes me scared to have a teenage daughter who thinks she needs to diet...

*Our kitchen mantlepiece - the only possible illustration for this post - still with remnants from Christmas and Henry's birthday plus Valentines and world book day and also my first (and possibly last) paper flower experiments. Time for a clear up, but not now, now I'm going to crawl back into bed while I can.


  1. Hi Alexis - thanks so much for what you said about my blog - that's lovely of you! I'm also great at starting things, not so great at finishing them so love the premise of your blog and am enjoying having a look around your corner of the internet. Can I ask, were you ever a Lexie as a nickname? My little Lexie is actually Alexa though she is named after my granny Lexie (but she was actually Lexcine - urgh!!). I wanted Alexis over Alexa originally - I grew up with Nellie (Eleanor) and Lexie (Alexis) and I loved both their names. Lili

    1. Yes I was / am a Lexi too! Many of my old friends call me Lex, people who I meet now call me Alexis... but I've never been an Alex (even though there are a few people out there who insist on calling me Alex).

  2. I am just catching up with you - thank you so much for your lovely words! Am certainly going to have a nose around the others you mention, love finding new blogs! Hope you feel better soon - your virus sounds so horrid. Take care x