Tuesday 12 November 2013

45/52 A Portrait a Week

Henry - He was very excited by bonfire night (mainly as Coco was beside herself with excitement) then wasn't so sure about it during the fireworks, but warmed up to it again with sparklers in the garden. Once again we watched the fantastic display at Chiswick Park (a sort of office complex near us) from the comfort of our house. We did make hot dogs and Lia's sweet potato wedges and mulled wine as has become our tradition, but it was just us this year. We'll do a party again next year.

Coco - Back in the school routine. She is loving school at the moment, but our mornings are still a challenge (much as back here). Look at her - a million miles away in the middle of breakfast. There is no hurrying this one, how ever many times you ask her to eat up. The arrival of all the winter garb doesn't help with speedy exits either, not that Coco seems to care, she is still refusing to wear her school tights.

One portrait of each of my children every week in 2013. 
A 52 project started by Jodi of Che & Fidel

Oh, and more for me than you, here are links to previous Bonfire Night parties...

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