Thursday 14 November 2013

Loving Blogging

I'm feeling good (and slightly gushy) about blogging.

I'm off to meet some other London *ahem* Mummy bloggers tonight as I was nominated as one of London's Top Mummy Bloggers by West London Mum - thank you to whoever nominated me, I really appreciate it.

I've had a flurry of meeting up with fellow bloggers recently. At the weekend I went to a blogging meet up organised by Emily of The Start Up Wife and finally met Davina of The Making Home  - both were just as great in person as they come across online, plus Davina and I discovered a mutual friend (always love it when that happens), then last week  I met up with Charlotte again, who I really consider a friend nowadays... and this weekend I'm finally going to meet Madaline who is on the UK leg of her round-the-world travels with her children in tow.
All these people who I'd never have met except for the fact that a few years ago I decided to start blogging. (I could add Hattie, Sarah, Polly, Lynne, Katie and Hannah to the list too... and that's just the bloggers I've met in real life.)
It feels so good to have this wider network of like-minded, creative people who so often write/photograph posts that in turn inspire me to try something new or go do something I might not have thought of. 
I just love having a blog.
So if you are thinking of starting one but have never taken the plunge. Do it. And let me know when you do (Yes, I am looking at you Chloe)!

And to top it all off I had a heart-warmingly friendly email from a total stranger (Hi Natasha!) who reads my blog.
Thanks to everyone who comes here... and if you read my posts but have never commented, can I just let you know now, when a comment email pops up in my inbox it feels so good. So if you want to make me smile then go on, leave a comment!

Photo is of last night's mesmerizing sunset as seen on many an instagram feed...


  1. Alexis, how could I not leave you a comment after that lovely post?! I understand your gushiness about blogging and meeting creative ladies. There is almost nothing nicer in the world : ) Have a great weekend!

  2. Congratulations on the nomination, and it's truly deserved.

    It's so lovely to meet people you truly click with.
    Love the blog Alexis